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10 Ways that Fairy Doors can be used

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10 Ways that Fairy Doors can be used

1.   Fairy Doors can be used in the Home 

Fairy Doors and associated accessories can be used in the home. They are light weight and can be attached to the skirting board or place of your choosing with a small bit of sticky tac.  They can be placed in any room and make a lovely little magical feature.

2. Fairy Doors can be used in the Garden

Fairy Doors and accessories can be used in miniature gardens such as fairy gardens. Making miniature gardens is a very popular pass time and understandably so they look so cute when finished. There is a lovely range of fairy doors and accessories that add extra interest to miniature gardens. When items are made from wood they will need coating in  outside varnish or an outside finish on all  surfaces to help them to withstand the weather. A real talking point for the Garden. Designed by Soriska have also designed a large hobbit door that would look lovely in the Garden. 


3. Fairy Doors can be used as a portal for the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is an important tradition - the tooth fairy visits at night and leaves a shiny silver coin in place of the child's lost tooth. Fairy Doors  enable the fairy to visit and mark the place where children can leave their tooth. So there is not longer the difficulty of trying to retrieve the tooth from under the pillow of a sleeping child. So Fairy Doors act as a practical solution for the visiting tooth fairy.


4. Fairy Doors can be used to encourage Good Behavior

It is known that children love fairies, they can be a useful way of encouraging good behavior, the children can  perhaps earn a visit from a fairy by helping around the house. The door can act as a visual cue that if they are good the fairy may visit. And then Once the child has achieved the desired goal that has been set it is then recommended that the fairy could visit a night whist the child is sleeping and leave a little something outside the door to reward the desired behavior

5. Fairy Doors can be used for a creative Fairy Party

Young children love craft activities - there is a lovely range of wooden doors available that can be painted, colored in and decorated. A simple but popular children's party activity just add paints, felt tips, glue, buttons and sparkles. And also after the party finishes the children have a take home gift that they have contributed to making.

6. Fairy Doors can be used during Advent for the Christmas Elf to visit on the 24 days before Christmas

Traditions change over the years and families all have their own unique traditions in the run up to Christmas. A lovely unique idea that children will love is a visiting Christmas Elf in the Advent run up to Christmas. A Fairy Door situated in the home could indicate that Advent has begun - acting as an inviting entrance point for the Christmas Elf. Perhaps the elf could visit at night and do something a little but naughty or leave a gift. A lovely way to encourage children to read in the run up to Christmas is for the Elf to visit every night and leave a short story or book for the child (books can be picked up cheaply at the local charity shop). Fairy Doors add a little magic to the run up to Christmas

Fairy Doors

7. Fairy Doors can be placed around your town and village or park to encourage Visting Trade

Fairy Doors can add interest to a village, town or park. This can be demonstrated by the town Ann Arbour in the USA where the location has become famous for fairy doors.  Fairy doors can be considered environmental art and add interest.   They can be used to encourage visiting trade and can be a talking point for visitors. A nice activity for a large open space is fairy door trail - this makes a lovely outdoor activity for children


8. Fairy Doors can add a unique talking point to your Home

Fairy Doors look great you can decorate them to match the decor in your home - they become a lovely feature and talking point. We think that all homes need at least one fairy door. Your guests are sure to love the little door once they have spotted it...


9. Fairy doors encourage Imaginative Play

Fairy doors are a lovely way of encouraging imaginative play and  creativity. Imaginative play  is known to be important in early years and is a great way of enabling children to learn and experiment in a save environment.  The placement of a fairy door within the home or garden along with associated accessories can help to encourage the imagination.

10. Fairy Doors are just magical !!

What more can we say Everybody needs a little magic in their life... fairy doors could be the answer


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