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How to see a Fairy

How to see a Fairy : as explained by  Soriska

Fairies are dainty, sensitive, beautiful and shy. To see a fairy you need to BELIEVE. Fairies use doorway portals to travel from the World of Fairies into the Human world.
Fairies don't like bright lights so they are more likely to appear at dawn or dusk rather than in the middle of the day when it is bright or when artificial lighting is on in a room.

When looking for a fairy from the fairy world you need to watch very carefully. You may catch a glimmer of a fairy in flight - sometimes the appear as just a glimmer of light or you may see something tiny moving quickly or fluttering in the corner of your room or garden.

Another good place to look for fairies is in your dreams - just before you go to sleep as fairies have a tendency to appear when you are most relaxed, when it is quiet and the hustle and bustle from the day has settled down.

Fairies like having their own place to settle. Fairy doors can provide a quiet space for a fairy within your home; the door may act as a portal from your home to and from Fairyland. Once you have created a spot for your fairy door you then need to wait for a fairy to come your way and hopefully the fairy will decide to stay.

Fairies also like to live in secret places tucked away in gardens - well hidden out of site. A Fairy Door is a good way to encourage a fairy, elf or pixie into your garden. Please remember Soriska's doors are not varnished : they will need a coat of outdoor varnish or outdoor coating to make them waterproof for your fairy.

Fairies are happy soles they love music, dancing and parties . They bring magic into peoples lives.

Pixies, elf's and others from the realms of Fairy World also use doorway portals to visit the human world and much the same as fairies they are small and dainty and full of fun - occasionally mischievous but the mean no harm, pixies and elf's although small have a playful nature and look to bring fun into the home that they choose to stay in.

Please have a look around our shop - maybe we have a door for your home or garden.

We hope that a fairy, pixie or elf from the realms of Fairy World visits you soon
Soriska xx

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