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Fairy Doors they are ART

Fairy Doors they are ART

Fairy Doors could be considered to be a form of environmental art , they fit in well in the countryside landscape bringing a sense of atmosphere and live to areas where they are situated. When fairy doors are put in outdoor spaces they can be used to encourage children to explore the outside and can help encourage a relationship with the outside world. There are multiple possibilities with the doors they can be used to encourage a quiet reflective space in the garden, or used in a “hunt the fairy" type game”. They can be used as a temporary fixture or if coated in an appropriate outdoor finish they could become a more permanent fixture.

Fairy doors are a form of Art that encourage imagination and creativity allowing our mind an thoughts think beyond what we can see in the human word.

There is also Art activities involved in the more practical sense as you paint your own door this can give immense satisfaction as you create your very own fairy door that is unique to you.

There are a range of fairy doors available there are a variety of styles for sale  at Designed by Soriska

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