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What are Fairy Doors used for - How do I use my Fairy Door : Creative ideas

How to use a Fairy Door - ideas

They can be used in a number of ways perhaps a fairy could visit at nights and leave messages / treats for children.

Perhaps they could be a permanent feature in your home or alternatively you could put a door in on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays. It really is up to your imagination.

This year in one home we know put up a fairy door for  the 25 days of Christmas . The door appeared on the first day of Christmas instead of an elf on the shelf.  Each night during the Christmas countdown the Christmas Book Fairy visited . Each night the fairy left a book for each of the children in the home - this encouraged daily reading. By the end of the festive season the children had read every day and had a lovely selection of books on their shelf courtesy of the Christmas book Fairy

In another house we know they have a door that allows the tooth fairy to enter. Any teeth that fall out are placed on the shelf by the fairy door and by the time morning has come the tooth fairy has visited and exchanged the tooth for some silver coins.

We know of a child who had difficulty sleeping and with the help of a fairy door that allowed the sleep fairy to visit at night to check she was OK she managed to sleep soundly throughout the night.

A birthday fairy was given a door at one house that we know and whenever a member of the household has a birthday the families special birthday fairy visits and leaves a small surprise gift for the person whose birthday it is.

Every household that has a door designed by Soriska has their own special magical way of using the door – we would love to know how your door has fitted into your home and how it has created a touch of special magic in your home



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