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Can you see the Fairy?

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Look very carefully at this image can you see the fairy in the light at the bottom of the tree?


It is said that if you believe in fairy's you are more likely to see one. Here at Designed by Soriska we love this photo of the woodland and Fairy in the light. 


You can read more about fairies in our other news update pages and our lovely Designed by Soriska Fairy Doors can be found in our shop. 


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  • Sil T on

    This is my favorite fairy poem – I see the fairy

    See them dancing, dancing,
    While the silver moon
    Tips their swiftly glancing
    Little silver shoon!
    Tripping, tripping lightly
    Where their footprints fall.
    Look! the grass is brightly
    Growing green and tall!
    Springing close, unbroken
    In a fairy ring!
    For tomorrow’s token
    Of their frolicking!

    Evaleen Stein
    Child Songs of Cheer – 1918

  • Diamond Star on

    Me to I can see the tiny fairy just beautiful

  • Nina on

    Love this picture I believe!

  • Sue on

    Wow. I can see it Amazing..

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