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How to make an enchanted fairy garden - Just imagine and create.

How to Build a Fairy Garden

There are may ways you can make a fairy garden so just use your imagination 
Fairies only need a little garden they are only small. You can be as creative as you like when making miniature fairy gardens there are so many ideas.
Firstly decide what you want you want to create your fairy garden  this can be any type of object that soil will stay in so be as creative as you like. For example :  an old welly, plant cup, salad bowl, old tire,  or beach bucket. Of course  you don't need a container at all if you have a quiet area of the garden that you can allocate to fairy related attire. 
You will need potting soil, some tiny plants and then you can put anything you like in the garden just get creative.  Designed by Soriska does have some  suitable items for fairy gardens in our shop such as our fairy door garden arch and ladybird and fairy washing line (these items are suitable if you keep your fairy garden inside) . Alternatively, you can use what ever you have as long as its  tiny and fit for a fairy. you could put fairy stepping stones in your garden and moss. You could use an old small pot  fit it in the soil and then fill with water for your own little fairy pond, or swimming pool. You could sew some cress in your garden, or plant some miniature flowers.
The most important thing when designing your fairy garden is to keep it fun and playful. Also  do not forget to put a fairy door nearby so that the fairies can come visit!!
This this a lovely activity that can be as simple or as difficult as one wants it to be. 
We would love to see your final designs. 

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