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Fairies at the bottom of the garden

 Fairies at the bottom of the garden

We would all like to have fairies living in the bottom of the garden, they add a little bit of magic to daily live and make a garden feel alive. There are many people that we have met that have told us that they have fairies in their garden. The fairies encourage wildlife, little creatures and butterflies. Also when fairies are resident one often finds that their pixie friends come visiting to. 
To encourage fairies into the garden it needs to be a peaceful haven where there is not too much footfall. To show fairies that they are welcome to move in a  portal or fairy door  at the bottom of the garden needed. This gives the fairies an entry point into the garden and sometimes if you are luck the fairy may choose to stay.
Some of us will be lucky enough to spot the fairies mystically dancing around the flowers but on other occasions fairies may chose to not make themselves seen. In these instances you need trust your instincts if a fairy is present you will know - you just need to believe.
Our Fairy Doors act as fairy portals and can be purchased in our shop


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