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Create your own Fairy Story - we would love to hear your stories

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There are many associated activities that you can do once you own a fairy door. We suggest that you purchase one of our Fairy doors we have a range in the Designed by Soriska Shop and using the door as a prop will enable you to introduce a number of activities into the home.

For example  you could create your own fairy story. This  s a lovely activity that can be done inside on a rainy day or outside if the weather is nice.

For Adults story writing is a good release from the stresses and strains of daily live. Put your feet up and use your imagination.

Introducing story writing with children who have a fairy door can encourage writing skills. There are various ways fairy stories can be used write a story about your own visiting fairy or write a fairy tale for your fairy to read. 

You can also  write letters  to your fairy that visits and leave them outside your fairy door.

Writing about fairies is a lovely way of encouraging literacy skills it keeps writing fun and  enjoyable which is just the way it should be.

Writing about fairies and their enchantment is a lovely subject there is so much that can be written about - you can also add drawings to your story or add a bit of glitter sparkle

We would love to see the stories that you have written and we may even publish some of your stories on our site.  

Please note we reserve the right to publish any stories that you send to us on or website - please let us know when sending in your fairy story what name you would like to publish as the author of the story and your age.

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