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A Fairies Tale : A Fairy Door Story

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A Fairies Tale
 A Fairy Door Story
Once upon a time in a mystical faraway land a King and Queen Fairy were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter. They called her Soriska, she brought light into their arms and magic into their hearts. Elves, Pixies, Hobbits and relm folk came to visit the new baby Princess Fairy.  Three good Fairies came to visit her, the three good fairies arrived bearing gifts for baby Princess Soriska. These gifts from the three fairies were gifts of  fairy spirit.
The first fairy waved her wand and gave Princes Fairy Soriska the sparkle in her eyes and love for life
The second fairy waved her wand and gave Princes Fairy Soriska kindness, warmth and creativity
The third fairy waved her wand and gave Princes Fairy Soriska her wings and courage to fly and discover new things.
Also living in the Palace was Ezekiel the Evil Pixie the Fairy Palace gardener. Not all Pixie’s are Evil but Ezekiel poor sole had a grudge to bear he was unhappy that the new Fairy Princess was being given such magical fairy spirit as he also wanted fairy wings, creativity and a sparkle in his eye. But as he held the grudge so tightly he was not able to have what he wanted.So once the visitors had  all gone and the palace was quiet, when the Soriska the baby Fairy Princes was sleeping; he crept up to the miniature fairy crib that the baby fairy was sleeping in. Soriska was curled up with her new wings wrapped delicately around her. Ezekiel looked into the crib and counted to three; he turned around three times and wished a terrible curse over Baby Princess Soriska. Ezekiel the Pixie granted that should Princess Fairy Soriska leave the grounds of the Fairy Palace she would lose her flying wings forever.
Soriska the Fairy Princess grew up in the palace and loved playing in the magical palace gardens. Her parents were so concerned that she may want to venture outside the palace gate that they built a large fence around the palace with netting over the top to ensure the Fairy Princess could not leave, they also vowed never to speak about life outside of the palace.
For 18 years the Fairy Princess Soriska lived happily within the palace walls. She had made many friends in the fairy palace gardens. She made friends with the butterflies, bees and the ladybirds. She spend her days sitting amongst the gardens flowers making creations within the natural surrounds of the fairy palace gardens. Having being given the spirit of love for live and creativity she was happy. But it was noted that the sparkle in her eyes had dulled.
One day a surprise visitor arrived in the garden.  A beautiful dragonfly had fallen through a hole in the netting above the castle. The dragonfly was injured he had hurt his wing. The warm and kind Princess Fairy Soriska welcomed the dragonfly into the palace to rest a while to recover whilst she bandaged his wing. The dragonfly was called Blue. Blue the dragonfly told many stories of his travels; he described his worldwide adventures far away from the palace gardens. He spoke of places that the Fairy Princess could never have imagined. Blue described the beaches that he had seen, the pyramids, woodlands and then he spoke about the human world. He described how the humans he met often needed a bit of fairy magic to help them through their day.  That human had to work very hard and couldn’t fly.
Soriska the Princess Fairy was enthralled by Blues stories; She had never imagined that there was anything outside the castle walls. Her love for life prevailed and she was determined to discover more. Fairy Princess Soriska tried in vain to talk to the Fairy King and Fairy Queen about what Blue had told her but to no avail. So thinking creatively she decided to call upon the three good fairies who had visited her when she was a baby.
Soriska told the good fairies her wows and how she wanted to see the world and to bring magic into human’s lives. The fairies were not a bit surprised by Soriska’s wishes and they agreed to help. They knew that the gifts that they had given Princess Fairy Soriska as a baby would help her along the way. Together the hatched a plan. They knew that they could not change the evil Ezekiel’s curse. An Pixie’s curse is lifelong and no fairy can overrule this. However, with the Good Fairies experience and Soriskas creativity they came up with an idea.  Rather than trying to change the Pixie’s curse, that Soriska could not leave the grounds of the castle without losing her wings, they hatched a new plan. They decided to move the grounds of the castle.  They planned to make the castle garden so big that it would expand throughout the magical realms of the castle and beyond, way beyond into the human world. So the fairies waved their wands three times, turned around three times and all at the same time they combined their good fairy wishes and granted that the castle walls be moved
Princess Fairy Soriska was now free to be able to fly wherever she wanted, free to explore the magical realms, free to use the fairy door portals in the realms to transport her between her magical far away land and the human world so she could use her fairy spirit that she had been granted by the three good fairies to improve the life’s of humans. With a life full of adventure and the ability to be able to travel between lands Soriskas sparkle in her eyes returned. As time passed Ezekiel s grudge lessened and as it did it is said that a tiny sparkle in his eye could be seen, love in his heart returned and it is said that he also from time to time uses the fairy door portals to visit the human world to help humans with their daily cores.
So if you need help with a human chore or with a creative idea or if you need fairies wish just place a fairy portal in your home and garden and perhaps..... Just perhaps Fairy Soriska, Ezekiel the Pixie or one of the Good Fairies may come visiting. And next time you see a Dragon fly just stand and watch a little, does he look like he is on an adventure? It could be Blue.

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