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Basic knitting - Cast on and Simple Stiching

There has been a lot written recently on the benefits of knitting it is good for cognitive function, motor function, improving confidence and giving a feeling of pride (I am guessing this is assuming Knitting goes to plan), reduction in stress and anxiety (as used as a form of meditation) and the list goes on.

So, given that knitting is a healthy activity I decided to give it a go. So, I dusted off my knitting needles and headed off shopping for wool. There are so many different colors , strands and types of wool in the wool shop the purchasing of my chosen wool (in the end opting for traditional and cheap) took longer than expected. Knitting may have health benefits but  on the down side  heading into a craft shop does not have such a healthy impact on my purse.

health benefits of knitting

Fabulous timing as a couple of days after purchasing the chosen wool it snowed and yep it snowed some more. As snow is not a frequent occurrence in these parts we have a lack of scarfs in our house so being keen to try out this new found hobby I got out some extra large Knitting Needles and much to my surprise in 2 evenings I managed to create a fully functional Scarf. It did get worn straight away. So a very functional creative activity and I was beaming.I maybe a one stitch wonder (well to be honest two knit one pearl one) but I am extremely pleased to have made something useful.

Given this resurfaced skill I have since the scarf attempted other knitting projects:

Ha Ha LOL  look at this lovely Cup of Tea Cosy.knitting health beniffits







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