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Beginner Crochet- Unintentional Dishcloths


So as you will guess from the title of this article my beginners attempt at Crochet did not go to plan. So; have decided to write about Tips from the "not so" Expert

 I love to try out new arts and crafts and having a go at Crochet took my fancy having done a little many years ago I thought that it wouldn't be to difficult and wanting quick results (a mistake) I hurriedly began. There are may tips available on  the web to get you started so I won't write step by step instructions here. What I will do instead will let you my thoughts on do's and dont's for when you get started... 

Firstly, you will see from the picture what I created I thought I would Crochet a largish item aiming for a scarf or cushion cover or similar. Instead what I ended up with was an uneven Crochet Item - a few missed stitches and a not so symmetrical shape...Hence changing what I had planned to make to a Dishcloth/ duster.  The positive is that even when it all goes wrong you can always find use for items that you have made. Using hand made dusters are so much more rewarding...homemade dishcloth


Use a big hook when starting out 

Use big Chunky Wool

Take your time to learn what to do first

Try simple things first i.e a Square - many squares can always be stitched together later to create a bigger item

Give it a go it is  a rewarding and relaxing craft


Choose Black wool for your first attempt

Rush straight in with a know it all attitude -you will only end up having to undo the stitching and start again if it all goes wrong...

Choose a thin Crochet hook for your first project

Get disheartened it can take a few goes to get up and running

Look forward to hearing how you get on ... hopeful that you will advance to something more advanced than dishcloths...I am off to do a bit of dusting.......then plan to try my hand again at some more Crochet

Trying something new @designedbysoriska


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