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Well we have learnt something today. I have been doing some research about gingerbread men. Did you know that gingerbread men were used by folk-medicine doctors (witches and magicians) who would make gingerbread men for young women to eat. The belief was the young women could get the man of their dreams and the man would fall in love with them by eating the gingerbread man made for them by the folk medicine doctor. We not magicians here but it has got us thinking. I wonder ladies will hanging one of these little gingerbread folk on your Christmas tree have the same effect (we could even engrave this gingerbread man with the name of the man of your dreams..just ask us)๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜


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  • lizzzie on

    Ha Ha lucy, Becky, libby look at this we could all do with one of these christmas decorations…only which name to choose? these will be hanging all over our tree this year as I reckon the more we have the more chance of 2018 becoming the year. Looking forward to it

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