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Creative Decoration for your Home - Miniature Skirting Board Doors

Decorating your skirting board has never been so much fun !!

Sadly up until recently skirting  boards have been a neglected necessity in the home. Where as Artwork on the walls to catch the eye, for visual effect and to improve the aesthetics of a room. The skirting boards are often neglected.  Skirting Board Art is now catching on and far from being neglected areas of the home we love the idea that Skirting Boards are now being used to  make a wonderful place to fix a miniature doors.

These miniature doors add a decorative feature to the lower part of the walls. They can be left in their natural colour or decorated to match with the colour scheme of the room.  A  miniature feature on  the skirting board can become a lovely talking point once spotted and area of intrigue and magic.

Using Miniature Doors as Decorative Features on the Skirting Board is defiantly catching on and there is a range of Miniature Decorative Doors available Designed by Soriska


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