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Easter Baking - ideas for beginners...

We decided to have a go at some Easter Baking this Spring Holiday... We certainly are not Expert Chefs not even owning baking scales. But we didn't lack in enthusiasm and it is good job we have a sweet tooth. Very immensely proud of the results Ta dah......


Easter Baking ideas

Easter Baking ideas

Easter Baking ideas


The Ingredients below are not exact!! but recipes as follow (note for image above with the marshmallows we doubled the mixture to make a realy big cake!!

225g self raising flour

225g softened butter

225g granulated suggar

3 eggs  

2 teaspoons baking powder

Beat eggs in bowl add the butter

* for the marshmallow topped cake we added a couple of drops of vanila essence, 

*for the lemon chick taste we added "quite a few" drops of lemon essence.

* for the chocolate cake with sweet topping a number of spoons of drinking chocolate were added

Mix adding the flour sugar a bit at time to the eggs and butter whilst mixing - add in the flavoring as suggested above and the baking powder

We don't own a sieve so the flour wasn't sieved...

Bake -until cooked 35- 55 minutes dependent on ammount of mixture in tin.

Oh and don't forget to grease the tin before putting mixture in!!

Take out oven allow to cool= then decorate :) 

This was a great Easter Baking Session, thoroughly enjoyed it,,, Cake anyone??



Easter Baking session at Designed by Soriska.

Product placement limited but in the top of the chocolate cake sweet picture you may just be able to spot a corner of one of our Jigsaw place mats. We use these on a daily basis in our kitchen.

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