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fairy craft party packs

fairies fairy activities fairy activity fairy door

Are fairy craft party packs are just great when you're looking for a activity to do as a group maybe a party or just For Fun. You could also buy these packs if you wish to paint a number of doors yourself maybe to experiment with different designs we're all so happy for you too paint and decorate the heater and use them for resale full stop by selling these doors in party packs we are able to give a discount on the fairy door price and we have a range of different packs available both our budget version of flats not opening doors and also are more advanced doors with opening fairy door hinges full stop all are fairy doors and made in birch ply not MDF and we feel this the better quality product. You need to varnish these doors including all the edges if you wish to use them outside but without varnishing noa perfectly able to be used as indoor fairy doors to stick on your skirting board. The would lend itself well to be used in its natural wood effect or else can be used within number of different materials paint pens etc if you would like to decorate to yours full stop the party is that have used are very packed to date have given us great feedback on how well the activity has gone down at the party and we have a number of suppliers that fire doors to upcycle and sell on to their own customers full stop if you have any questions about our products please do contact us more details of a fairy doors can be found at

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