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Fairy Door Decorating Ideas

Fairy Door Ideas


Here at Designed by Soriska we have many ideas about what to do with fairy doors but we would like to hear about your fairy door ideas. Perhaps you have a creative design for a door for a beautiful Fairy. Situating a Fairy Door on your Skirting board is a way of inviting young pixies and fairies into your home. This is an idea liked by Adults and Children alike.

Designed by Soriska has a range of Wooden Fairy Doors in the shop we are sure that you have may Ideas about how to Decorate the Fairy Doors we would love to see your designs. 

There are many Fairy Door Decorating ideas, we have listed a few here to get the Fairy Door Designer in you flowing. How about a Gothic Fairy Door, a Door for moon Fairies, water Fairies or perhaps you could chose to decorate using a sparkling mystical fairy design. 

The ideas for Decorating Fairy Doors are endless a variety of mediums can be used to decorate your door including painting, coloring, sticking, adding sparkle. We would love it if you have decorated a Designed by Soriska Fairy Door if you would share your design to help inspire Fairy Door Design ideas in others.


A range of Pixie, Elf and Fairy Doors can be purchased at 

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