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Felted Soap... Easy Craft Activity- Great Results

Felted Craft Activity - this was a new one for us it was fun, and effective and we made items that looked so professional we were able use them as gifts.


All you need is :


felting wool

old pair of tights



We cut our soap in half and wrapped in felting wool - so they were entirely wrapped in the wool -  using  a variety of colors

The next stage was to put the soap wrapped in wool in the toe of a pair of tights didn't  move / fall off

We trimmed  the tights to get rid of excess material

Held under tap - vary the running water temperature ie sometimes hot / sometimes cold/

The soap was rolled  in tights under the water - make it "bubble up" keep rolling the soap in your hands under the water  for about 5 mins - by rolling the felt wool with strand wool knoted together.

The now felted soap was taken out of the tights  and allow to dry.


Easy Peasy -effective project suitable for children and adults

*warning you may get wet.


This product was tried and tested by us - on some we added a drop of lavender oil to the felting wool. The felted soap is meant to act as a light exfoliate when used. It certainly looked lovely in our bathroom and it stopped that messy soap residue that is  left when you leave wet soap on the side,

New Crafty Project tried here at Designed by Soriska

We like to try new things her @Designedbysoriska

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