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Game of Stacking, Creating, Sculpting and Toppling - Gift idea for Adults who have Everything!

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Stackrel The Game of Stacking, Creating, Sculpting and Toppling
Use the Architecturally Designed Chairs, Ladders and Tables to Play. Game is most Suitable for Adults.  Can be played game played alone or in company . A lovely taking point for your coffee table will keep your guests entertained and fiddling for hours!  This is great tool for executive time wasting or therapeutic away time from your desk.

Make up your rules as you go along and change as you suit.  Play as Solitaire game or with a group of Friends.  

Sculpt stack and create balancing masterpieces that may tumble if you are not careful. A game of stacking suspense- A great gift for Adults  who have everything a unique and non purposeful gift -  pure entertainment

Available at Designed by Soriska. 


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