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Girls Fairy Party Idea - Have a Fairy Picnic

Girls Fairy Party Idea - Have a Fairy Picnic

A lovely idea for a Girls Party is to hold a Fairy Picnic. On a lovely sunny day you could have a picnic outside but alternatively when the weather for a party is less reliable a Fairy Picnic can be just as success full on a rug at home or in a local village hall. 

Send invitations out in advance and perhaps as part of an early party bag gift each guest could be given a pair of fairy wings to  get in the mood.  

Create the fairy Picnic mood with some fairy themed games such as What the Time Fairy Queen? Musical Toadstools, Pixie Statues or the best dancing fairy.  Perhaps add some sparkle to the party by decorating guests nails using child friendly (peel-able) glittering nail varnish to make your fairy guests feel that little bit special.

A lovely activity that Fairy fans enjoy is decorating a fairy door. This is a great activity as not only does it keep the party guests entertained, sitting still and quietly being creative. It also means that they are creating their own take home gift for the fairy themed party bag. this activity is best done at the start of the party so that the doors have time to dry a little before taking them home. A wide selection of Fairy Doors suitable for decorating can be found on the website   Just add some child friendly paint or coloring pens, glitter glue sparkle and sticky embellishments.

For food ideas for the Fairy Picnic think small and dainty, Fairies and Fairy party guests love tiny sandwich quarters, strawberries, fairy cakes and butterfly cakes 

In fact a fairy themed party is a great way to get creative. We know a number of little girls that have Fairy Doors by their bed that they have created at a Fairy Picnic. We hope that your Fairy Party is a flying success. 



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