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How to decorate a Fairy Door.

How to decorate a Fairy Door.

There are a variety  of fairy doors that have been Designed by Soriska  that look just lovely in their natural wood. They are not made from MDF like some of the craft range of fairy doors instead they are made from Birch Ply which gives a lovely wooden coloured finish.

The doors are also suitable for decorating and the choice of colour and materials you can use on your door are endless. The fairy doors can be painted using any paint suitable for covering wood (you will only need a very small amount to coat the door). Glitter pens and embellishments are also popular. Adding a bit of glitter adds a touch of sparkle to these lovely miniature doors. Children also enjoy colouring in the doors with a traditional felt tip pens. They are also suitable for decoupage projects.  So get creative with Designed by Soriska’s Fairy doors. We would love to see your final project designs so please do send us pictures of your final design.

If you plan to use the designed by Soriska doors outside they will need to be coated in a suitable outdoor finish such as outdoor paint or varnish. Remember when painting fairy doors for outside used to coat all surfaces including the edges to prevent moisture getting into the wood

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