Personalised Wooden Gifts Designed by Soriska
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Painted Horses and other wooden reminenents

If you have crafty kids  then I can highly recommend this as a great activity to keep them entertained.

horse craftWe have tried and tested this crafty activity on many occasion. The wooden products made by Designed by Soriska are made from wood ply so are very suited to painting and decorating.

horse craft

It doesn't have to be messy although painting does finish products off nicely the wood lends it just as well to felt tip pens/ sharpies etc. We have lots of crafty shapes that can be used in their natural wood or used as the start of a project.

Most of the items we sell are suitable for Crafting click HERE to see some of Designed by Soriska's crafty product suggestions.

Horse Craft @designedbysoriskahorse craft

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