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Pebble Art - Cheap Cheerful and Effective Creative Activity Gift Idea

These lovely pebble picture can be created at little cost and make lovely gifts.

pebble art

We are lucky enough to have number of feature areas in our garden with pebbles as features -  so collecting pebbles for artwork was  easy.

For the purpose of writing this activity up I had a check about where you can get pebbles from my initial thought was the beach but then following a quick "google search" I learnt that it is prohibited to take pebbles from beaches.The good news is there are many places where you can purchase craft pebbles to get you started. The basic pebble picture consists of a pebble or two -  a sharpie and colored background paper.

pebble art


Pebble Art looks just great.


If you want alternative things to stick on the colored paper @designedbysoriska 

sell a range of wooden crafty embellishments that you could stick on pictures etc

to see some of these click HERE

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