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Summer Holiday Activity Ideas – Fairy Activities

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Summer Holiday Activity Ideas – Fairy Activities

Build a Fairy House

Fairy houses can be made from all sorts of items that you you have around the house and garden – so get creative. As all Fairies need a home to call their own . (tip: keep a look out on the website – we have some fairy houses arriving soon!)

Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens can be made for indoor or outdoor use – first decide on the size and type of garden and get designing- you can be as creative as you like when making your miniature garden.

Paint a Fairy Door

Decorating fairy doors is a lovely activity – there are so many designs and styles that you can create for your fairy - once you have finished decorating place your fairy door on the skirting board ans wait for you own fairy to visit. (tip: if you want a blank door ready for decorating have a range of doors to purchase in the web shop)

Go on walk in Search of Fairies

fairies live in all sorts of nooks-and-crannies so why not go on a fairy hunt walk – look for signs of fairy presence – if you look hard enough and believe we are sure you will find some places that fairies have visited

Hold a Fairy Picnic

make a fairy sized picnic miniature size foods - miniature sandwiched, crumbled up crisps, and eggcup sized drink

Get baking and make some fairy cakes


Paint a Fairy Picture


Make a Fairy Costume

get making wings – pick a special dress and play at being a fairy for the day


Make up a Fairy Themed Song

Write and make up your very own tune about Fairies

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