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Tooth Fairy Door Picture from a 6 year Old Girl ..We love it!!

Tooth Fairy Door Picture from a 6 year Old Girl ..We love it!!

Tooth fairy door
We received this lovely picture of one of our fairy doors that a girl aged 6 who likes to be referred to as "Tinkerbell" sent us. We think you did a great job at painting this door and we spotted your little tooth on the hinge waiting for the fairies visit.
"My Daughter who likes to be known as "Tinkerbell"   adores the Fairy Door that we purchased from Designed by Soriska Thank you. I have sent you a picture of the door that she painted herself and coincidentally the evening after painting it one of her little front teeth fell out. She was very excited when she left her tooth on the hinge of the door and went to bed immediately and very keenly in anticipation of the fairies arrival. The next day when she woke the fairy door had been left ajar the tooth had gone and a sparkling coin left at the foot of the fairy ladder. We have one happy little girl here and I wanted to thank you personally for the lovely Fairy Door that made the magic come to life"  Name and address supplied

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