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What are Moon Hares? Can they bring you good fortune?

What are Moon Hares? Can they bring you good fortune?

We have been learning about Moon Hares  and how they can bring us good fortune. Moon Hares are for part of a mythical ancient belief - it is thought that the gazing moon hare symbolized new beginnings and fertility.   It was thought by Pagans that seeing a Hare gazing at the moon would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and good fortune
The hare also represents a sacred animal  and this of particular relevance at Easter time. At Easter we have the hare represented by the Easter bunny, and the four quarters  of a hot cross bun are said to represent the 4 quarters of the moon.
We now have a range of gazing hare moon wooden craft accessories available in our shop these can all be used for a variety of craft projects - we hope that the ancient belief is correct and that they bring good fortune wherever they go. We would love to see you lovely creations using these mystical Moon Hare Craft Accessories.


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