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What sort of people do fairies like?

fairies fairy

What sort of people do fairies like?.

Just like as humans fairies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Well not really all sizes as all fairies a tiny tiny weenie with tiny little wings tiny little hands and feet and features. However but despite their tiny appearances fairies do vary from fairy to fairy. Just like as humans. Some fairies have blonde hair, some fairies have brown hair, some fairies have red hair. Some fairies have larger feet than others. Some fairies have larger hands than others. Some fairies have pointed ears and others have rounded ears. Fairies wings differ different colour in shape and pattern in fact did you know they just like the human's fingerprint every fairy swing a slightly different they are all unique each fairies wing has a unique pattern or print that helps you distinguish one fairy from another.

So that leads us to the question what sort of people do fairies like? well I will let you know :n they like every type of people they just have to believe fairies  but you need to understand that not everyone believes in them. Fairies will only appear come out and show their presence when you do believe. Some non-believers the don't believe fairies exist with time comes to change their mind that's because he's a little tiny clever fairy creatures slowly make their presence known by doing kind deeds and kind tasks to help the fellow human to learn and acknowledge their presence. I  hope this answers the question what type of humans to fairies like you can now see that fairies just like humans are all different and therefore there will always be a fairy that gets on with every single person from the human world all the humans have to do is believe. sounds simple doesn't it but sometimes this takes just a little bit of time.  so if you are reading this and you are a non believer take a little bit of time out from your doubts look around you at the beauty of the world listen quietly look for those special little signs and in time you will then find your very own fairy  friend

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