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What to Buy Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas

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What to Buy Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas


What to Buy Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Whether you have been dating for a short length of time or have been together for the long haul choosing an appropriate Valentines Gift can be a challenge.  Traditional gifts such as chocolates and red roses may not represent the personality of your relationship.

Designed by Soriska have come up with some suggestions for Valentines Gift Ideas that do not cost the earth but instead say I Love You in a Unique Style.  Soriska has  created a range of Valentines Gifts.  Rather than fading gifts such as Valentines Chocolates that are eaten and Valentines Red Roses that Wilt, Designed by Soriska have a range of valentines gifts that lasts  not just for Valentine’s day but for  days, months  or even years after Valentine’s day has gone.


For a Romantic Valentines Proposal

How about these lovely hanging Will You Marry Me Decorations – you can hang in place of your choosing for a lovely surprise and can if you want be personalised with words of your choice, We think these are just fabulous as they can be a keepsake of the event that can be hung each year on the Christmas tree so the romance just keeps on giving



A gift for Valentines that will be used every Day

Every day most of us will use a Key and there is no  better reminder of your relationship than something that you use every day.  Designed by Soriska have designed a range of  Keyrings to say I Love You.  There are keying already prepared romantic messages. There are also key rings that can be personalised your own unique touch. And what we like even more about these products is that in addition to your boyfriend carrying them every day they are affordable (furthermore you get to keep half! )


Large Personalised Hanging Hearts – Make A statement of love on Valentine’s Day

These large Hanging Hearts can be personalised for Valentines with name of your choosing so make a really neat Valentines gift. Additionally if you ask the Design Team they are also able to personalise the hearts with any words of your choosing so perhaps you have a “pet name” for your Valentine or your own “Special words” or “dates” that you would like to be engraved onto your Large Hanging Valentines Heart

What to Buy Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas

For a Token Valentines Gift or A Smaller Valentines Keepsake


The little bags of messages are a really great way of showing someone how much they are in your thoughts. The Designed by Soriska’s range of little bags of messages are unique and engraved with a little romantic message.  These wooden messages are small enough to be kept as a keepsake in a purse or wallet as a lasting reminder of your love

What to Buy Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas



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