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Yum Yum a Successful Bake Fruity Pavolova

Yum Yum a Successful Bake Fruity Pavolova

Look Wow

yum yum Pavolova

I made these so so pleased with how they came out and so easy to do.

Home made meringue base - Topped with double cream whipped (with some added sugar to sweeten)- Embellished with Raspberries or Pineapple Pieces

You will need

4 eggs (whites only)

250g sugar

teaspoon vanilla essence

teaspoon cream of tartar

double cream

extra sugar to taste

fruit topping


meringue : to make Egg whites whisked into peaks – sugar mixed in. add vanilla essence and cream of tartar (keep whisking until you can hold the bowl over your head without the mixture falling out...)

Scoop into a suitable baking tray – bake

Topping –: whisk cream and sugar together until thick = layer on the cooled meringue

add chosen fruit to decorate

Tips :

Using a tin liner stops your cooking sticking to the tin and less washing up result

Cook your meringue on a low heat 130C for about an hour or so

Ensure it is properly cool before adding the cream

yum fruit pavlova


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