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Assembly Instructions for Spiral Staircases

Assembly instructions Spiral Staircase - with Banister

*for this assembly keep the laser marked side of the wood facing upwards - this is the nicest looking side


  • 1. Place base flat down on work surface (the base is the largest wooden circular part)
  •  Get the longest straight pole and insert the profiled end into the middle square hole on  the circular base

    2. Step assembly  this is a 3 piece assembly process. Consisting of a banister, a step and an up-riser.

    The step is a triangle shape

    The up-riser has no holes

    The banisters have 2  long rectangular holes for detailing (there are banisters both with and without supporting legs)

    Assemble  x 2 steps to start with (using the banisters without  supporting legs)

    The up-riser attaches to the underside of the triangular step :if you hold the triangular step in your right hand with the circular hole between your fingers - the up-riser attaches to the underside square holes further away from you - the longest end of the up-riser should  when assembling be nearest  the  circular hole on the step (if this is put in the wrong way round the up-riser will overhang the end of the step)

    The banister attaches to the side of the step (with the long rectangle detail  on the banister pointing upwards and the shorter nib on the banister pointing towards you)

    The parts push together to assemble

    3.  Slide one of the assembled steps down the pole that you have already attached to the circular base, using the circular hole at the end of the triangle. Repeat for the second step. The up-riser on the second step will slot into the spare  holes on the first step.

    4. Assemble another step using the same process as before - BUT use the banister that has a small supporting leg attached (use the banister with the smallest leg)

    5. Add this 3rd step by sliding the circular hole on the step onto the middle post.  The post on the banister will slot into a locating hole on the base and up-riser will slot into holes on step 2

    6. Repeat the process but every 3 steps you will have a supporting leg on the banister  increasing in size as you rotate around the base.

    7. When you have built and assembled all steps you have a choice of top platforms that can be assembled so you can either exit the steps at 90 degrees or 0 degrees depending on your preference (both exit platforms are enclosed in the stair kit  - both platforms come with x2 banisters  (with between 3 and 5 rectangular holes for detailing)