Personalised Wooden Gifts Designed by Soriska
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Introducing Soriska our very own Fairy

Soriska is our very own fairy she designs and helps create the products that you can buy here  shop.  She loves making a variety of products her favorite being the  Fairy Doors and the Little Fairy messages in a bag.

Soriska originally came from Fairyland , she spends most of her time with the Designed by Sorika team however she does sometimes use her very own fairy door to go back to fairyland and to visit sometimes . Soiskas dream is that everyone will own a fair door. She  advises that when you get your own door put it in your house and wait for the fairies to come visit you  - if you make it welcoming one of the fairies may chose to stay just like Soriska did. 

Soriskas Fairy Doors create a magical feel wherever they are placed - great for revitalizing  imagination and creativity