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The Fairy Tale of Soriska : Our Story

You may know about England, and France, and America, and China. These are all ordinary places that can be found on any map.  Most people would tell you that these are all good and sensible places to believe in. Fairyland is also quite a sensible place to believe in, though people may tell you otherwise. "No, it is not sensible at all to believe in Fairyland..." people will tell you. "You'd do much better to believe in a place like San Francisco or Copenhagen."

                With so many sensible people saying such sensible things, it is easy to see why so few people still believe in Fairyland.  But, the truth is rather different. The truth is that believing in Fairyland is quite a sensible thing to do.

                You see, fairies are graceful, beautiful, and quite helpful. Every house should have a fairy to help add peace to a house. They also bring brighter colors to the flowers of the garden,  add harmony to the songs sung by birds, and attract better behaved squirrels.  But, there is another reason to believe in Fairyland.

                The best to believe in Fairyland is the fact that belief is what makes portholes between Fairyland, and someplace some people think are more sensible, like your kitchen.

                One fairy who knows this very well goes by the name of Soriska. One day, Soriska was feeling very sleepy. You see, Fairyland is so beautiful and peaceful that the fairies there get sleepy quite often. She was looking for a place to dance, someplace where it was peaceful and quiet and not too bright, so it wasn't too different from her home, but someplace where she could find just a little bit of excitement.

                The portals that open our world to Fairyland are small, and there are fewer and fewer of them all the time. They can also be very hard to find. Soriska had to look for some time before she found one. When she immerged from the portal, she found herself in a little workshop. Usually she was much to shy and delicate to endure such a place as a workshop, but the people there were very kind. And, they believed in fairies. It took some time, but they saw the glimmer out of the corner of their eyes and the shimmer of her wings in the light that came through the workshop window. Before too long, they realized that she was there.

                Once they understood that they were lucky enough to have a fairy in their workshop, it took no time at all for them to thank her for her presence, and ask her how they could encourage her to stay at their workshop. They were all very sensible, and knew how important it was to have a fairy in your workshop.

                Soriska told them that the best thing they could do was believe in fairies, and to encourage others to believe too. She also told them that they could help the fairies by finding a way to help identify the portals between our world and Fairyland.

                "Doors!" They decided. "Little doors, too small for people to mistake them for ordinary doors to a spare bedroom, but fairy-sized doors that could only be to Fairyland."  Soriska sat down with the good people and helped them design Fairy Doors.

                Now, people who believe in Fairyland can mark the portal of their belief with a physical door that will show the fairies the way to their garden or their workshop.  What could be more sensible than that?



Acknowledgments to very talented Fairy Tale author Georgette Graham @