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Fairy Door Series : Easter Bunny, Easter egg design on door  Magical engraving - Designed by Soriska Ltd - 1

Easter Bunny Miniature Skirting Board Door : Fairy Door Series


Its time to get Eggcited!!  the Easter Bunny's coming and there is no better way to invite the Easter Bunny into your home than  with these lovely Easter Bunny Skirting board doors.  Fix the miniature skirting board door in place with sticky tack and wait for the magical arrival of the Easter Bunny. This is Easter Bunny Door made from Birch Ply - with detailed engraving from our Fairy door range. Lovely in its natural look - also suitable for decorating. The  Miniature door is on a wooden hinge so it opens up - inside of the door their is an engraved Easter Bunny Rabbit. 10cm wide x 8cm high 8mm width . Options: 
The product comes with or without Glow in the dark dots on door - if you would like Glow then please select this option on purchasing. If you select a glow  item  to Make your  product Glow it  will need  a light source for charging ( the best way  / quickest way of charging is in natural sunlight or UV LED,  Charging will also happen  by situation them near a light - particularly a Fluorescent bulb or power saving bulb  - the effect will show up best in a totally dark room). Images demonstrates the effect of Glow in the Dark products shape / design will vary as per item / part described as Glowing in listing . **Warning hinges are made from small parts so although they are glued to fit we would not recommend for children under 3 or any child not safe with small parts. This is a decorative item not a toy. This product is made in England. Designed by Soriska

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